The Baltimore Department of Social Services provides vouchers to people who need help paying for food. New Life Food Pantry accepts these vouchers and provides grocery items provided by the Maryland Food Bank and supplemented by the New Life Evangelical Baptist Church. We also serve those needing food who are referred by the United Way. We stock household cleaning goods, paper products and food items for people in need. Call (443) 800-0213 now to learn more about how New Life Food Pantry helps people move toward a new life in Baltimore.

3 ways you can help the needy in Baltimore

We’re always looking for help at New Life Food Pantry. Here are a few ways you can support your community:

Donate nonperishable food items. We can always use more items that won’t go bad.

Volunteer your time. When our commercial kitchen opens, we’ll need plenty of helpful hands.

Donate money to help us stay open. Anything you can contribute helps us keep the doors open wide at New Life Food Pantry.

Every little bit helps New Life Food Pantry keep providing Baltimore, MD residents with the nourishment they need. Help the needy in your community today.